Edelweis Ritt is from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, grandma and nerd; PhD in computer science, tech executive and founder of some start-ups. After eleven years living in Germany, she currently resides in Brazil with her husband. She plays the piano and has the study of languages as a hobby, being fluent in more than five languages. Currently she is learning Chinese.
Passionate about mysteries, her first novel, Ausentes, is a cozy mystery. Her second book released, Karol with a K, transports Lucy Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables story to the interior of São Paulo and spices up her adventures with a mystery.

Fervid reader. Pregnant with lots of books
In Ausentes I did a tribute to my English bulldog who left us this year: Essqua - Extract from Ausentes: ‘We were with our dog, a bulky and bad-tempered English bulldog who shared our slight misanthropy.”
Karol with a K was released this year and is a retelling of Anne of Green Gables.
"E. Ritt has built an engaging plot in the beautiful setting of Rio Grande do Sul and gifted us with the peculiarities of its traditions." Vanessa Guimarães, author of "O Beijo de Borboleta"